Who we are

Our team of instructors has a combined total of over 30 years of experience teaching individual and group lessons.

Mr. Breshears


Ms. Breshears


Mr. Koch



Mr. Hagood

Mr. Hagood began his marital arts study in 1980 by taking lessons during his lunch-hour at a park. When his ambitions took him to the tournament ring, he was discouraged by the level of training he was receiving. He decided to seek a more professional approach to his martial arts training. That search lead him to the Idaho Karate Kung Fu Association in 1981. He achieved his black belt in 1987.

Mr. Dye

Mr. Dye began his Kenpo career in the Fall of 1972 at the Dave Hebler's Kenpo Karate Studio in Glendora, California, which is about 15 miles east of Mr. Parker's historic Pasadena Studio. Mr. Dye was instructed by Mr. Jim Thompson who was a fourth degree black at that time. After 18 months of sheer determination and hard work, Mr. Dye obtained the rank of Black Belt from Grand Master Parker in 1974.