Idaho Kenpo

 Idaho Kenpo is the Treasure Valley’s premier Kenpo Karate studio. Kenpo Karate is unique because it focuses on a study of the principles of motion, physics, and anatomy. Kenpo’s scientific study of the body and how it reacts, anatomic structure, force, the interrelation of linear and circular movements, attacks, responses and other principles give it a practical application.

Idaho Kenpo Karate provides self defense instruction, physical conditioning, and an in-depth study of the martial arts. For an individual to be truly accomplished in martial arts requires more than just basic self-defense. Your greatest self-confidence will come from knowing that you have the ability to take care of yourself and loved ones by maintaining sound physical health. It is an activity to enjoy with the entire family!

Kenpo is one of the more innovative systems of the martial arts which originally started in Hawaii. It is heavily practiced in the Americas, and now has spread worldwide. “Ken” means fist and “po” means law. Together, Kenpo means law of the fist.

The study of Kenpo Karate has a multitude of benefits including:

Our school offers a unique training program that includes: